Eleven Plus Exams Tuition Limited

ElevenPlusExams Tuition centre is based in Harrow, North-West London and provides 11 plus tuition for year 5 and year 4 children in all subjects and caters for the main examining boards and regions.

We aim to provide specialist 11 plus teaching in an exciting and rewarding environment and implement exam board specific techniques that are proven to improve speed and accuracy. We also provide access to our exclusive homework platform and provide supplementary revision software.

In our tuition centre, we implement exam board specific methods and techniques for each 11 plus subject (numerical reasoning, verbal reasoning, mathematics, English and non-verbal reasoning) and then provide a thorough bank of proprietary questions (online and paper based) unique to our Centre to enhance speed and accuracy.

Eleven Plus Exams

The ‘11 plus exams’ are sat by Year 6 children in the UK in order to gain admission to elite and oversubscribed schools both in the state sector (known as Grammar Schools) and in the Independent Sector (known as Private Schools).

These examinations are first past the post in nature, in other words you need to be one of the highest scorers in the exams and these exams do not have grades or grade boundaries

This portal offers free information, preparation advice, school specific advice, appeals advice and a vibrant professionally moderated forum. It also hosts a book shop.

A Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) is planned for launch in 2019.

Mock Exams

Each year Technical One hosts mock 11 plus and mock common entrance exams for thousands of children covering all the major exam boards by hiring local university campuses. The exams, all written in-house, mirror the exams set by exam boards and local top super-selective schools.

Technical One has created a sophisticated mock exam reporting system which compares your child’s performance relative to the peers on a question by question basis as well as historically comparing the performance against all previous sittings for the same exam. The online exam reports include video explanations of the most difficult questions.

Technical One also consults to several top independent schools and sets their scholarship papers.

First Past the Post

Technical One has authored over 50 book titles dedicated to the preparation of the 11 plus exams. The books encompass all the tested the subjects: English, mathematics, verbal reasoning, non-verbal reasoning and creative writing; .

What makes the books unique is the Peer Compare feature. This enables parents to anonymously compare their child’s performance to tens of thousands of other children who attempted the same set of questions so that they can gauge their child’s relative performance, by use of a unique 16-digit code printed inside each book.